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Saturday, June 11, 2011 • 1:24 PM

Hey Readerss, sorry that been dead for a month .
How many times i wish to update my recent life 
but due to the wifi low connection of this stupid residence i gettin mad and mad too
and naooo i hope that there's no more any stupid prob after upgrating for a week :|

First of all, I would like to tell all my readers that
I'm officially a Uni student of Multimedia University aka MMU Malacca
I'm not taking Multimedia programme, I'm selected in Business Administration programme as well
everyone asking me why I'm not going to choose KL's college uni? I will explain it with public

First, I'm because of my Boyfriend so that I choose Malacca to continue my education

Second, my family suggest me to come over here for a year something I might transfer to KL 
after I finished my Diploma Programme, but most probably i will stay here larh :)

Third, I love Malacca life more than KL, you know what.. Malacca is kinda kuantan life,
everything here is cheap and affordable and everyone here is easy to communicate.

Fourth, I am seriously wish that I can found a best study environment without city life. 
Such like Traffic Jam, Cost high, Payment high and so on. 

Fifth, Multimedia University is actually a Uni that considered as half government half private
so that the fees is much affortable compare with the other Uni :)

Done my answer ! ;)

and hey guys I'd changed my hair colour on 28th of May ! ;)

I guess that everyone thought that's LALA mui ? LMAO
Eammm.. but at least I'm satiesfied with it, thanks Bozai :D

and for the next topic would be my love status :| heeyaahh

 Happy 10 monthsary my dear baby ! ♡ ♥
Our 410 days 
always in my Heart, forever loving you, never able to forget you 

Me, Myself & i

Photobucket Chelsea.


i love strawberries,
shopping, photograph &&& him!


more money
a long hair
i-phone 5
xperia x12
dior limited edition lip balm



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