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Saturday, January 2, 2010 • 6:57 PM

Hello, finally i get a broadband,
my jie brought for us yesterday.. 
so i can surf my net anytime, awesome :)
i started my profile counter on 1st of Jan 2010
wish that i've many supporter soon, lala
good luck in 2010.

happy new year to all my readers
may this year bring alot of happiness to you guys
school reopening soon,
ish, don't have anytime go to grab a new school's bag
mei jun told me that i can get my salary on feb,
oh my, how long is it, new year?? -.-"

take care, see you :)


It's still too soon to call it love
I know it's more then just a crush
We're getting closer every day
And when you look at me that way
All i can say

Is if i open up my heart to you
I just need to know you feel it too
Will you be the one
To make my dreams come true
If i, if i open up my heart to you

I got a feeling this could be
Something i thought i never see
You're on my mind
Night after night
Something keeps telling me
It's alright
So give me a sign..so

Is if i open up my heart to you
I just need to know you feel it too
Will you be the one
To make my dreams come true
If i, if i open up my heart to you

You could be everything
That i've needed
But i can't take that chance
Till i know that you're with me
Till i know what your feeling
Till i know where you stand

Till i, till i till i know where you stand
Will you be the one to make
My dreams come true
If i,if i open up my heart to you
Will you be the on

~ Jans forever ~

Me, Myself & i

Photobucket Chelsea.


i love strawberries,
shopping, photograph &&& him!


more money
a long hair
i-phone 5
xperia x12
dior limited edition lip balm



Bestie ♥ Kae Wen
Bestie ♥ Wen Xi
HaoPengYou ` Fifi
HaoPengYou ` Jiaen
HaoPengYou ` Renee
HaoPengYou ` Carmen
HaoPengYou ` Yuna
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HaoPengYou ` Jean Bock
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