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Sunday, November 29, 2009 • 10:03 PM

Finally i've watch NEW MOON !

when you can't be with the one you love,
will you stay with the one who loves you?

i can't even forget what edward had told to bella before he is leaving

Bella-You...don't...want me?
Edward-No. Of course, I'll always love you...in a way.
I'm...tired of pretending to be something I'm not, Bella. I'm not human.
Bella-Don't do this
Edward-You're no good for me Bella
It will be as if I never existed. Goodbye, Bella

Edward is sooo cool ! ♥♥♥


 cincai a take when visit my dear fifi at estee =)

Today pretty much people went to ecm i felt.
When i'm standing outside of cinema
I saw my primary schoolmate, 
Wan Qing, Pei Boon and Qiao Ling ^-^

Long time no see you all.
All become lenq lenq le :)
and also my dear Janet =D

After watch new moon,
i went to estee lauder have a chit chat with fifi.
after that i went to living cabin bought the lens case
so pretty, a pink colour bling bling bear lens case..
a love it sooo much ! ^-^
Going to buy a new lens soon -.- oh my.....
totally addicted and i know it's over . Duh~ :x 

before that i bring Nicky to parkson for get her job
hope to see you soon cutie :)

Thanks baby accompany me this whole afternoon for "hang gai gai".

I love you thisssssssssssssss much ! mwah ♥

I've a nice sunday.. Good night guys :)

Me, Myself & i

Photobucket Chelsea.


i love strawberries,
shopping, photograph &&& him!


more money
a long hair
i-phone 5
xperia x12
dior limited edition lip balm



Bestie ♥ Kae Wen
Bestie ♥ Wen Xi
HaoPengYou ` Fifi
HaoPengYou ` Jiaen
HaoPengYou ` Renee
HaoPengYou ` Carmen
HaoPengYou ` Yuna
HaoPengYou ` Deric
HaoPengYou ` Ksea
HaoPengYou ` Kok Tai
HaoPengYou ` Jean Bock
HaoPengYou ` Nick
HaoPengYou ` Penky
HaoPengYou ` Jen Huey
HaoPengYou ` Keat
HaoPengYou ` Henry

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